Our DropOff is open 24 hours every day.

Please help make recycling happen by preparing and sorting your recyclable materials as requested on this page. Careful preparation and separation of recyclables is important because manufacturers require clean and contaminant-free materials to make new products.

Signs are located by each container in our DropOff to guide you as you sort your recyclables. Unsorted or improperly prepared materials go to the landfill.

Please, No Trash. Help keep the DropOff area clean and free of trash and litter. Take non-recyclable items back home. Do not leave them at the Recycling Center.

Please bring large loads out on weekdays before 1:00 P.M. Our DropOff is intended for household volumes only. If you regularly have large loads, we would appreciate the opportunity to help you organize the material handling, so that we can minimize your workload as well as our own.


  • Throw away caps and lids.

  • Rinse clean.

  • To protect your eyes, look away as you place glass in our container.

No Pyrex, No heat resistant glass, No ceramic, No china, No light bulbs, and No mirrors.

Aluminum Beverage Cans

  • Drain completely. 

  • Recycle separately from Steel Cans.

Cans may be flattened to save space.
Aluminum Beverage Cans only                 

No scrap aluminum No aluminum castings (these can  jam our equipment),

*See Scrap Metal above.

Plastic Bottles

  • Plastic BOTTLES only.( threaded top smaller than body)
    Drain and Rinse

             No butter tubs etc. BOTTLES ONLY


Plastic Bottles

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes




  • You may place flattened boxes in larger boxes for easy handling.

 No foam, No peanuts, No packing material, and No wax-coated cartons or boxes (e.g. milk, juice)


Office Paper

  • white & colored paper

  • envelopes (windows are OK)

  • file folders

  • carbonless forms

  • index cards.

  • Labels, stamps and sticky notes are OK.

  • Staples and Paper Clips are OK.

  • Put shredded office paper in plastic bags.

No Binder Clips No "spirals" or other bindings No glossy paper No tissue, waxed or wrapping paper and No paper towels

Office Paper

Office Paper


Magazines and Catalogs


  • Must be printed on glossy paper.

  • Staples do not need to be removed.

  • Remove from boxes or bags

 No Newspaper Inserts, No junk mail, No plastic wrappers, No product samples, and
 No non-shiny covers or pages.



  • Newspaper Inserts and ads

  • hone Books

 Tear phone books into sections one inch or thinner

No wet newspaper, No plastic bags and No bundles tied with string.




Steel Cans

  • ­Food Cans

  • EMPTY Aerosol Cans

  • Rinse clean.Place loose lids in cans and pinch ends closed to keep lid inside and to prevent cuts.

  1. Recycle Aluminum Beverage Cans separately
    Please, No coat hangers, No wires and No scrap steel

* See scrap metal.

Not Recycled Materials We Cannot Recycle.

*Local Businesses recycle these items.