Bowling Green Curbside Recycling

All Bowling Green citizens are encouraged to recycle through the Automated Curbside Recycling.

The Automated Curbside Recycling program is for Bowling Green residents who are serviced by the City.


Please follow the simple guidelines in preparing items for recycling. Recyclables improperly prepared or mixed with trash cannot be recycled. Only the items listed can be collected curbside.

The City's recyclables are processed at the Bowling Green Recycling Center. If you miss a curbside collection day, you may save the recyclables for the next week or take them to the Recycling Center. 

Additional items that are NOT collected by curbside can be recycled at the 

24 Hour Dropoff.

For INFORMATION on: Automated Curbside Recycling

please contact: 

City of Bowling Green

Public Works Department

304 N. Church St.

Bowling Green, OH 43402